About SEAS

SEAS is dedicated to our clients’ success in the water quality industry.

The SEAS team averages 35 years of industry experience. Our professionals have ownership, management, and real-time marketing experience in water treatment. We’ve successfully assisted water quality dealers and manufacturers with business advisement, investment, and improvement. This can make us uniquely valuable to you. Having in-depth perspectives from both sides of the market enables us to create the most valuable outcomes for all.

The SEAS approach is hands-on.

We’ve collaborated with over 200 water treatment dealers and major manufacturers to date. We’ve also had leadership roles in the Water Quality Association (WQA). This has given us the experience and vision to help lead your company into the future. Your plan may include acquiring businesses, exiting your business, or simply growing organically.

Please note: We’re not just advisors.

We’re also owners, managers, marketers, and investors. And we don’t simply sell you a pre-conceived consulting template. Instead we work closely with you to thoroughly understand your specific business needs and opportunities. Then we conduct in-depth interviews, perform expert analyses, and test all processes to help guide you to your best path forward. The SEAS team’s abilities to accurately assess your competitive market and position, and help develop and execute your best plan, are unmatched in the water treatment industry. Need proof? Just ask our delighted clients.

The SEAS core values are integrity, professionalism, and transparency.

This isn’t merely talk. The SEAS team’s commitment to these values has earned us the highest marks from the many dealers and manufacturers we’ve served. Now how can we help you get the most from your water quality business? Contact us to explore the possibilities.


We’ve successfully assisted both water quality dealers and manufacturers. Having in-depth perspectives from both sides of the market enables us to create the most valuable outcomes.

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Clients and Affiliations

SEAS has provided consulting to over 200 leading companies in the water quality industry. Clients rely on us to conduct in-depth analyses, interviews, and process testing to help determine the best ways forward. Our understanding of your market is unmatched.