Partners in Defining  Our Growth Strategy

“Dar Watts and the SEAS team have been great partners in defining and deploying the growth strategy for our business. Their deep understanding of the water treatment industry has helped execute growth plans including channel expansion, consumer-driven product innovation, and acquisitions.

—Executive VP, Major Industry Corporation

A Leadership Approach to Manage and Sustain Growth

“We hired SEAS Capital three years ago to take our 43-year family dealership to the next level. Our organizational structure was struggling to sustain existing and future growth. We needed a trustworthy advisor with proven experience in water treatment application, business management, dealership operation, family dynamics, industry leadership, business growth, and exit strategy.

“SEAS helped us implement a metrics-driven, team-leadership approach to management that allowed us to expand the size and complexity of our treatment services. SEAS also served a key mentoring role in developing my leadership and executive skillsets.

“Working with SEAS is an ongoing investment in our business that continues to deliver recurring revenue growth, increased sales, stable profitability, and trusted relationships.”

—Dealer Owners, East Coast, New Jersey

Expert Insights to Set Our Path to Succession

“I met Dar Watts and the SEAS team about five years ago when we were working to get the EcoWater Dealer Association off the ground. SEAS brought everyone together, coordinating closely with key EcoWater dealers, to make EDA the fully functioning association it is today. And the system is altogether better for it.

“Since then, Dar and his team have provided me with valuable business process information, through the EDA, to help improve my business.

“Now the time has come for me to move ahead with business succession. Dar came to my dealership and performed a thorough analysis. We were thinking of transitioning the business to family, and Dar provided expert insights to set our path to succession. SEAS helped me arrive at a fair price with valuation tools I’d never seen before.

—Dealer Owner, Canada

Impressive Insights

“I have been working with Seas Capital on both strategic and tactical initiatives for over six years and continue to be impressed with the insights they continue to provide. Their broad industry perspective has provided a platform for challenging, sometimes difficult discussions, all focused on moving our business forward.”

—Corporate President, Major Industry Corporation

Ensuring Our Tradition of Customer Service Will Carry On

“I’ve worked with SEAS on strategies and tactics for over six years, and I continue to be impressed with the insights they provide. The SEAS team’s broad industry perspective has provided a platform for our challenging, and sometimes difficult, discussions – all focused on moving our business forward.

“It’s with great pleasure that I now announce the transition of ownership from EcoWater Crystal Clear to Great Water USA, owned by Erica Sommer of SEAS. EcoWater Crystal Clear has been run by the DePung family since 1950. Now, in transferring the business, we’ve ensured that our tradition of great customer service will carry on. In Erica’s hands, Great Water USA will continue to serve the Chicago market and surroundings.

“On behalf of myself, my wife Linnell, and sister Pat Barry, we wish to express our thanks and gratitude to all our customers, past and present, for their loyalty and support. With the knowledge of the water treatment industry that Erica Sommer brings to Great Water USA, we’re confident our customers will remain in the best of hands.”

—Dealer Owners, Greater Chicago Market

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SEAS has provided consulting to over 200 leading companies in the water quality industry. Clients rely on us to conduct in-depth analyses, interviews, and process testing to help determine the best ways forward. Our understanding of your market is unmatched.